19 April 2013 / 17.00-19.30h
IYUA - The Leadership Programme In Uro-Oncology And Lithiasis



The Leadership Programme in Uro-oncology and Lithiasis.


PROGRAMME of  IYUA Session during serbian congress of urology

Friday 19 April 2013


17. 00-17.15    Opening Ceremony – Welcome and Introduction

Prof. Sava MICIC, MD, PhD, , President of the UUS

Assoc. Prof. , Emre HURİ, PhD, FEBU, President of the IYUA

Assist. Prof., C. SURCEL, MD, PhD, Education Dircetor IYUA

Assist. Prof. O. DURUTOVIC, IYUA International Board Member, local organiser

17.15-18.15     State of the art  Session 1 – Prostate Cancer

                        Pannel:  O. Durutovic (SRB), Emre Huri (TUR), S. Stavridis (Macedonia)

17.15-17.35  Cadaveric Nerve-Sparing Radical Prostatectomy-Fascial and Neural Anatomy-                

Education Based Pespective

 E. Huri (TUR)

17.35-17.55     Update in prostate Cancer screening- What future holds?

C. Surcel (RO)

17.55-18.05     How to avoid unnecessary prostate biopsies in daily practice?

S. Bajramovic (BIH)

18.05-18.15.   Quality of life of testicular cancer survivors

                                    N. Bojanic, U. Bumbasirevic (SRB)

 18.15-19. 15      State of the art  Session 2 – Urolithiasis

                     Pannel :  M. Binbay (TUR), S. Vojinov (SRB),V. Radojevic (SRB),B.Kajmakovic (SRB)

18.15-18.35   Percutaneous Nephrolihotmy in anomalous Kidney.

M. Binbay (TUR)

18.35-18.55    Lower pole calyx lithiasis-do all need treatment?

Is still a place for surgery( open/lap) in staghorn calculi ?

                                    O. Durutovic (SRB)



18.55-19.45 Team work and Leadership  for young urologists.

                      Pannel:     B. Milojevic (SRB), B. Cegar (SRB)

18.55-19.10. Leadership from young urologists perspective

                        C. Surcel (RO)

19.10-19.25 Team work—key for success.

                        E. Huri (TUR)

19.25-19.35     Closing Remarks

            O. Durutovic (SRB), Emre Huri (TR)

8-10. decembar 2023
Etno Selo Stanišići, Dvorovi, Republika Srpska
Sastanak - Urgentna stanja u urologiji