21-22 Septembar 2012
Novi Sad
4-ti Novosadski onkološki kongres
 Preuzmi program

Friday, September 21th, 2012.

08:00-18:00h R egistration

09:30h O pening Ceremony


Morning Session: High-Risk Prostate Cancer

10:00-10:20h : Risk stratification and screening

                        -Prof. dr Philippe Sebe, Paris

10:20-10:40h: Standard surgery

                        -Prof. dr Jasenko Đozić

10:40-11:00h: Radiotherapy-Dr Françoise Pène, Paris

11:00-11:15h: Discussion

11:15-11:30h: Coffe break

11:30-11:50h: Hormonal therapy

                        -Prof. dr Cane Tulić, Belgrade

11:50- 12:10h: Hormonal-refractory / New ways

                        -Prof. dr Stéphane Oudard, Paris

12:10- 12:25h: Discussion

12:25- 14:00h: Lunch

Afternoon Session: GCTS

14:00-14:20h: Stage T1N0M0, S and NS: Surgery/Point of view

                        -Prof. dr Goran Marušić, Novi Sad

14:20-14:40h: Stage T1N0M0, S and NS: Oncology/Point of view

                        -Dr Miroslav Kreačić, Belgrade

14:40-15:20h: Surgery for S and NS metastatic stage

14:40-15:00h: Thoracic-Dr Jalal Assouad, Paris

15:00-15:20h: Abdominal: The role of postchemotherapy lymph node dissection in TGCT

                          -Asist Prof. Nebojša Bojanić, Belgrade

15:20-16:00h : Discussion

16:00-16:20h: Coffe break

16:20-16:40h: Chemotherapy of metastatic stage

                        -Dr Lionel Geoffrois, Nancy

16:40-17:00h: History of Testicular Cancer treatment in Vojvodina

                          -Prim. dr Dragutin Donat, Sremska Kamenica

17:00-17:30h: High dose CT - Prof. dr Jean-Pierre Lotz, Paris

17:30-18:00: Discussion


Saturday, September 22nd, 2012.

09:00-09:15h: AROME Session: Opening / Common Ceremony

Title of the session: Robot technology and new tools for overcoming sequelae in prostate cancer management

09:15-09:35h: Surgery: Robotic-assisted Radical Prostatectomy in the new era of PC management

                        -Prof. dr Claude Abbou, Créteil

09:35-09:55h: Radiotherapy: Will stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) replace the scalpel?

                        -Prof. dr Yazid Belkacemi, Créteil

09:55-10:15h: Biology: From experimental regeneration processes of damaged tissues to clinical

restoration of functions after PC therapy

                        -Dr René Yiou, Paris

10:15-10:35h: Cost-benefit of new treatments: disparity of the challenges around the Mediterranean area

                        - Dr Joseph Gligorov, Paris

10:35-11:00h: Discussion

11:00-11:15h: Coffe break

Session 1: Surgery

11:15-12:00h: Laparoscopic surgery (+ video)

                        -Prof. dr Eric Leblanc, Lille

12:00-12:30h: Discussion

Session 2: GCTs, From case report to Consensus Conference

11:15-11:30h: An adult patient with a highly aggressive mixed germ cell tumor of the

right testis-case report

                        -Dr Miroljub Petrović,

                        -Dr Mirjana Todorović, Niš

11:30-11:45h: Multidisclipinary approach in the therapy of the prognostically unfavorable testicular

cancer - case report

                        -Prim. dr Jasna Pešić, Sremska Kamenica

11:45-12:15h: Two cases-Prof. dr Jean-Pierre Lotz, Paris

12:45-13 :00h: Discussion

13:00-13:30h: Certification

13:30h: Lunch

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